Benson Family Foundation Scholarships

Benson Family ScholarshipBenson Family Foundation scholarships are for members and lineal descendants of members of the St. Luke Lutheran Church congregation who attend a Lutheran college or university for their undergraduate work and who attend a Lutheran seminary.  The scholarship was created by Dale and Jolita Benson, long-time members of St. Luke, through a foundation their family established.  Scholarships are awarded annually and students may apply for scholarships each year they attend a Lutheran school.  All scholarship awards are at the discretion of the St. Luke Trust Fund Committee, as directed by the terms of the Foundation.

Benson Family Foundation scholarship funds may be used only for tuition, student fees generally imposed on all students by the school, and student fees imposed for specific classes taken at the Lutheran school.  Benson Foundation Scholarship funds cannot be used for expenses such as transportation costs, school supplies (including major school supplies such as computers, computer equipment and peripherals), child care expenses, or costs of room and board.

Benson Family Foundation Scholarships for undergraduates are available for a maximum of four school years (two semesters plus a one-month interim period per school year) during any consecutive five-year period.  The award of financial assistance may be used only for expenses incurred as an undergraduate level student in substantially undergraduate level studies.

Lutheran seminary applicants may apply for and receive an award for financial assistance for expenses at a Lutheran seminary on an annual basis.  The scholarship does not include financial assistance for the year the seminary student is interning and cannot exceed three seminary school years during any consecutive five school-year period, excluding any internship year.

All scholarships are awarded for one academic school year.  Students who have been awarded scholarships may re-apply each scholastic year as determined by the St. Luke Trust Fund Committee.  Scholarship payments will be made directly to the student’s college..

Download Application

All applications must be on the Application Form, typed and include the following attachments:

1.  ESSAY:

What are your plans for college / seminary and after you graduate?  (Maximum 2 pages.  Include any personal information you would like us to know.)


  • High School senior:  All high schools attended
  • Current Undergraduate:  All colleges you have attended
  • Seminary:  All colleges you have attended

3.  REFERENCE LETTERS(Must be a signed letter, not an e-mail)

  • St. Luke Member:  Two letters
  • Lineal descendant of St. Luke Member:  Three letters, one of which must be from the St. Luke member(s) who qualifies you for this scholarship

Applications for Financial Aid scholarships must also include the FAFSA confirmation page stating the Expected Family Contribution.

PLEASE NOTE:   We highly recommend you consider applying for a combined Academic/Financial AID or Financial Aid scholarship.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications must be received no later than March 15, 2018.

Return your application and attachments to:

Scholarship Application
St. Luke Lutheran Church
4595 SW California Street
Portland, OR 97219-1690

You may also click here to email it (with required attachments) to OR fax it to 503-246-2303. Attachments may be scanned but please make sure they are legible.  The Trust Fund Committee may conduct telephone interviews at its discretion.


Benson Family Foundation Scholarships

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