Peace and Justice Advocacy

Peace and Justice

We are a nonpartisan group of St. Luke members actively involved online in strengthening our commitment to peace and justice. We are staying in touch with frequent emails, providing mutual emotional support, staying informed by sharing news and links to websites, action alerts, and events that relate to peace and justice. We believe that an internet grass-roots movement toward peace and justice has a big impact, so join us to try it out.

Our group has a lot of fun with outreach and connecting with other churches and peace groups. We sometimes bring in speakers for adult education, organize or go as a group to community events, advocate, and take action.

Our Mission: To generate active participation in striving for peace. To study, communicate, think, listen to the Spirit, open dialogue, promote educational opportunities, remind each other to pray, join peace-community-building events, encourage and support advocacy and action.


Our Accomplishments: Some examples of our activities include: Arlington Northwest, a memorial service and march to honor all lives lost in the Iraq war. Trips to Salem for peace and justice advocacy (both on our own and with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, and Lutheran Lobbying Days). Volunteering for the Eyes Wide Open Exhibit and Hiroshima Day memorials. Various Candlelight Vigils for peace. Helping veterans build, plant and maintain the new Portland Peace Memorial Park (the largest peace symbol in the world planted with flowers). Hosting LPF Peacemakers Leadership Trainings for leaders from all denominations. Our current pet project is starting an emergency fund for returning veterans, building bridges with other active congregations, and working with Portland City Council for a broad support system to address those families’ needs.

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