St. Luke Sustainability Survey

St. Luke Environmental Sustainability

The Survey

SustainabilityThe St. Luke Sustainability Survey was created by the Environmental Stewardship Committee and endorsed by the Church Council of St. Luke Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon. It was designed to broaden the church’s conversation on how to become better stewards of the environmental gifts God has given us, and intended to strengthen the church’s faithful response to “Caring for Creation” as a core value of the community.

Planning and Implementation

To formulate this survey, the Committee researched numerous environmental surveys from business, non-profit and government sources. They also found several helpful sustainability surveys for church communities, most notably the survey by the Cedars Universalist Unitarian Church of Bainbridge Island, Washington. Also, significant help in the formulating a number of survey topics was provided by David Rhoads of Lutherans Restoring Creation.

The resulting pool of over 500 potential items was ultimately narrowed to 76 topics, with two identical questions asked for each; “How important is this?” and “How well are we doing it?”. Survey Monkey was chosen to facilitate online access and tabulate the responses. Two different survey versions were used, one for church leaders (over 80% of 114 participated) and one for other households in the congregation (over 23% of 425 participated). Using two versions proved unnecessary, as there were only minor differences between the two groups.  Written comments on the questions also proved unnecessary.  The 900+ received had a negligible impact on the resulting Survey Action Plan Recommendations.

Feedback at St. Luke indicated that the survey was viewed as too repetitive and time-consuming. Consequently, only 46 topics were included and the comment areas were dropped from this updated version.

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Sharing the Wealth

Environmental StudyOur experience suggests that gaining the approval and participation of your leadership council will help maximize participation in this survey. Some St. Luke Sustainability Survey topics may not be relevant for your community. And there might be additional topics you want to fold in. Feel free to tailor this survey to meet your needs.

Below you will find links to the St. Luke Survey (MS Word and PDF files) as well as a PDF file of the supporting documents used throughout the St. Luke process. These include the Church Council Motion, several announcement and communication texts, Preliminary Survey Findings, Survey Action Plan Report and Recommendations, two analytical survey response spreadsheets and the Cedars Unitarian United survey.


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The St. Luke Sustainability Survey (MS Word – 257kb – Click on the link to download/print)

The St. Luke Sustainability Survey (PDF – 228kb – Click on the link to view or right-click to download/print)

The St. Luke Sustainability Survey Supporting Documents (PDF – 3.4MB – Click on the link to view or right-click to download/print)

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